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    Banned Book Week - We've Come a Long Way, but Still a Long Way to Go...

    Posted by Diana Rendina, Media Specialist on 10/1/18 8:10 AM

    Banned Books Week is an annual event that is usually held in the last week of September.  It was first started in 1982 in response to books being challenged for their content in schools, bookstores and libraries.  The American Library Association, the American Booksellers Associators and several other groups sponsor this event each year.

    What does it mean for a book to be banned?
    In general, book banning occurs when someone (parent, student, community member, etc) asks for a school, library, bookstore or class to remove a certain book, or not assign it as required or suggested reading.  Most public libraries and schools have challenged book procedures in place that requires a committee to examine the book, but not everyone follows these rules. The consequences vary from a book being removed from libraries, returned to them, or restricted in some way.  Conversely, a book getting challenged often leads more people to want to read it.

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