How long have you been at Tampa Prep? “I've been here for 29 years.”

What about Tampa Prep made you want to work here?  “The mission, the culture, the teachers, the students, and the community."    

What is your background, personally and/or professionally?   “I was born in the United States to a Venezuelan mother and a Canadian father. We moved around all three countries as I grew up, relocating to Florida a week before I started 9th grade. Days later, I began a wonderful four-year run at a small school called Tampa Prep. When I was in college I imagined a career in academia, but when I attended graduate school I soon realized that secondary teaching was far more appealing and fulfilling than research.”

Tell us something that you’re proud of.    “I am proud to be an alum of Tampa Prep!”

Do you remember the first time you came to this campus?  What or who do you remember?  Did anything or anyone in particular stand out?   "I first came to campus when I visited from Canada while in the 8th grade. My brother and I looked at several local independent schools, quickly deciding that Tampa Prep was the only one we wanted to attend."

Is there one co-worker that you rely on or admire?  Who/why?  "I rely on and admire every teacher we have on campus. They are a tremendously dedicated, bright, thoughtful, collegial, and highly skilled group."

Which part of our mission statement do you relate to the most: Think, Create, Be Yourself, Aspire to Excellence or Go Beyond?  Why?  “Go Beyond," because I think this phrase is metaphorically emblematic of our overall mission--and, literally, I love to travel!"

What is your favorite thing about Tampa Prep?  "The culture of our community. I love how we empower our students, treating them like the young adults they are quickly becoming."