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    Building Self-Esteem in Children

    Posted by Dr. Barb Feinberg on 9/17/18 8:19 AM

    Have you ever wondered why a seemingly beautiful, intelligent girl feels inadequate, or why an athletic, handsome boy is shy and uncomfortable in his own skin?  Perhaps you have known someone who earns high grades in school, yet he is sure he will fail the next test.

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    Language biased? It's not your fault.

    Posted by Alfredo Pereira on 9/3/18 10:02 AM

    For 35 years I was a full-time native speaker with a standard accent/dialect. As a resident of the capital of my country, I was granted the natural privilege of speaking the ‘correct’ Portuguese. I remember people making fun or telling jokes of regional accents. It didn’t matter how educated or wealthy you were. If you were born in the south or north of Portugal your accent could place you immediately in a league of comedy. As for foreigners trying to speak Portuguese, prejudice instead of comedy was the league in which they were placed.

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    The Hidden Value of School Traditions

    Posted by Patrick Kelly, Class of 2010 on 8/17/18 1:22 PM

    Although each school year is unique, at Tampa Prep they all begin the same way. Before classes begin and studying starts, the Prep community — students, teachers, administrators, alumni, parents and trustees — puts on formal attire and gathers for Convocation to set the tone for the coming academic year.

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