Hello Tampa Prep parents and family members,

Greetings from the College Counseling Office. We hope you are all well and ready for the year 2022!

We have had a terrific first semester with our seniors and getting their applications submitted to colleges. There has been some wonderful news already, and we certainly look forward to hearing about other decisions over the next few months. 

With our seniors in good standing we have been asked by the TPPA Parent Education Committee (PEC) to speak with our 9th,10th and 11th grade families. We will be holding an in-person evening session on January 26th at 6pm on campus. The topic will be based around SCOIR, which is our school's online platform used by students, families, our office and college admissions to make the entire college process and experience a success. There will be a SCOIR presentation and a general Q and A session on this night. We look forward to seeing you on this night and working with your student/s as they progress through the Upper School. 

As a ninth grader, our office and community truly wants them to be a ninth grader. This includes adjusting to the rigors of the academic workload, working on time management and organizational skills and joining clubs and extracurriculars. Our office will introduce ourselves to the ninth grade students sometime in February, so they know who we are and where we are. During tenth grade our students will be assigned a counselor from our office after spring break. From there, each student and family member will have their counselor to work with until they graduate. This truly is an individual process and it is important to our office that we are available to your student/s and family.
Students, parents and family members are welcomed at any time for an in-person meeting, a call, or zoom chat. We are here to help!

Please remember, your students have a lot going on in their lives. They are very busy and it is not always as easy as one might think. Make sure you check in with them and ask how they are doing. Take the time to ask, especially before jumping into college questions when we get closer and deeper into the process.

This college process is your student's journey. Yes, we are all a part of it, but we want them to have ownership in it. We will be there to help guide them, not do the work for them. 

Thank you all again for sharing your students with our community and we look forward to working with them and you as we move forward. 

The College Office Team
- Mike, Jody, Kristin, Cindy