Community Service Life Lessons Alumni

An Alumna Perspective on Giving Back

What are you most proud of? Have a loving partner? Did you persevere through pain? Maybe thinking...
Shannon Encina '99
May 18, 2021
Upper School Alumni

Advice for College Freshmen (Class of 2019) from a Tampa Prep Alum

Let me just qualify everything you’re about to read with this: I’m 100% not the best person to be...
Will Black '13
August 19, 2019
Upper School Alumni

Senior Year: A Vlog from a Member of the Class of 2019

In December 2018, we asked Adam Shimberg (Class of 2019) to make us a video compilation of what the...
Life Lessons Alumni

Advice to New Graduates from a Recent Alum

When I graduated from Tampa Prep way back when this year’s illustrious class was matriculating from...