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    Laura Bridges-Pereira, Spanish and French teacher

    Laura Bridges-Pereira, Spanish and French teacher
    I knew I wanted to become a teacher in 2001 when I was living in France working as an English assistant at a French high school. More importantly, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher that made learning a language a cultural experience and not a memorization chore. Since 2001, I have been teaching either in a school, home, center, community college or at a university in France, Portugal or the United States. Through all these experiences I have noticed a common thread: all students learn through risk taking and being engaged in what they are learning. It is with these principles in mind; cultural experiences, risk-taking opportunities and opportunity for engagement, that I create my lessons and conduct my classes. Moreover, I love working with students and I love my subject. I continue not only to perfect my Spanish, French and Portuguese, but to learn more languages and continue to gain perspectives into the student language learning experience.

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    The Power of Play

    This blog was co-written by Laura Bridges-Pereira, Kerri Grosso and Kimmy Sanford,
    all Middle School teachers who created these games.

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    Topics: STEM / Virtual Reality, Academics, Middle School

    Get Lost:  The Benefit of Unmapped Moments

    We live in a hyper-structured society. We use alarms, all use the same phone, drive on paved roads, go to work on a schedule, live in cities and suburbs organized on grids, progress through school year by year, followed by college, internship, job, etc.  So sometimes we need to break free from this structure and just get lost. For most people, "lost" has a negative connotation. We need to know what we are going to be when we grow up, we need to be able to always follow along in class, we need to have a life plan, it is considered weak to stop and ask for directions. Lost is bad. Everything with a purpose is good. But I think being lost is healthy sometimes, and frankly, relaxing.

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    Topics: Life Lessons


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