Tampa Prep Academic Support Counselors recognize that the School's new block and hybrid schedule--as well as this crazy year in general--brings many challenges. In response, school counselors have created several resources and videos for families and students in an effort to help new students adjust to Tampa Prep and help returning students adjust to the new schedule.

"Please excuse our amateur filmmaking skills!" pleads Academic Support Counselor Sarah Johnson.  "Making videos is part of our learning curve as we figure out how to be better academic counselors from a distance." 

  1. Video Tips for Families: Does your child forget his/her stuff?
  2. Video Tips for Students: Time Management in 2020
  3. Video Tips for Students: How to navigate a day “At Home”
  4. Explore PSL (PowerSchool Learning) with Mrs. Johnson (for 6th graders/ new students)
  5. Explore MyBackpack with Mrs. Johnson (for 6th graders/ new students) 
  6. One way to organize Notability (for new students)
  7. One way to organize Google Drive (for new students)
  8. Link to Ms. Lassacher's Tech Support Page for Students!
  9. Video for Students: Some tips for working on GoFormative (or For Parents: What even is GoFormative?) 

In production: Video Tips for Students: How to successfully submit something from Drive or Notability to PSL (PowerSchool Learning)