Tampa Prep hosted the inaugural Headmasters’ Challenge on January 10, 2004. This annual tradition honors our rivalry with Berkeley Preparatory School. Winter sports teams (Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling) from middle school, junior varsity and varsity all compete for the highly coveted Headmasters’ Cup, and the games alternate between campuses. 

This year's Challenge was held on January 11 at Tampa Prep. It was a perfect opportunity to show off our new Hinks and Elaine Shimberg Field. DSC_0122

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Headmaster's Challenge 2020 Scores

Final: Berkeley 12, Tampa Prep 7

Tampa Prep Wins: 
Middle School Wrestling - 1 Point
Varsity Girls Basketball (64-22) - 2 Points
Varsity Boys Basketball (52-46) - 2 Points
Varsity Boys Soccer (3-2) - 2 Points 

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