Our Battle of the Books team competed in their online, asynchronous competition last week against four other local independent schools. They did a fantastic job and came in a strong 2nd place, missing first place by only 1-2 questions of our 75 total. Media Specialist Diana Rendina is very proud of them.  Congratulations again to our fantastic team!
For students in middle school next year who might be interested in trying out for the Battle of the Books team, now is a great time to get started. Check this list to see what books are on next year's SSYRA list. These will be the books that the competition is based on next year.
IMG_9745 IMG_9717

! Four of these books (Bouncing Back, Charlie Thorne, Cleo Porter and Wildfire) are available for purchase at our Online Bookfair!  Buying them here is a great way to support your library AND get a head start on getting ready to try out for the Battle of the Books team next year.

All of the SSYRA books for the 21-22 list are now available for checkout by Tampa Prep students as eBooks (and a few audiobooks) on Sora.