Students in Ms. Lassacher's Computer Science Principles and Mr. Quah's Aerospace Engineering classes have spent the past several weeks working on their final project.  

For students in the STEM concentration, this is their capstone project. Students were tasked to create something that would be of use to the school. They were required to submit a project proposal detailing the timeline for completion, design sketches, a materials list, and a description of the project. Students are required to learn a new skill and build something physical. They are also allowed to include a programming component using a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino microcomputer.  Students have access to the 3D printer, laser cutter and CNC machines.

Andrew Steiner's Lightbox

LED display that spells out the Tampa Prep mission statement 

IMG_7797 (1)

IMG_7799 (1)

IMG_7801 (1)



James Harrell and Cowboy Dixon's Event Countdown Clock

Allows people to put in dates which will display a countdown until that date on a website

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IMG_7815 (1)


Porter Laartz's Scanner

Allows people to check loaner devices such as iPads or cameras in/out using a QR code on the device

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IMG_7572 (1)


Connor White's Neon Sign

A neon sign of the terrapin logo that turns on when motion is detected

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IMG_7826 (1)


Ruijia Lyu and Rachel Rizzi's LED School Map 

Interactive map of the three different school levels with touch sensor LED lights. 

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IMG_7831 (1)


Timothy Calco's Stool with the School Seal

CNC cut with six different operations (parts) and three different cutting bits