As part of the French 3 unit about Senegal, Elhadji Toure, Tampa Prep's Network Manager and a native of the country, joined the class as a guest speaker.

Toure presented in French and talked about his native country (Senegal) and their tradition and customs. He covered wrestling, music, the multiple languages spoken in Senegal, levels of friendship and cuisine. Senegalese cooking is influenced by French, Chinese and Vietnamese cooking. The presentation complemented the students' current in-class study.

At the end of the presentation, students participated in a Q&A with Toure, which everyone enjoyed.  He was asked questions such as:

  • How is the economy is Senegal?
  • What’s the currency use in Senegal?
  • Are there any other languages you speak besides French, English and Wolof (local language)?
  • Can you say sometime in your native language (Wolof)?
  • Did you have culture shock when you moved in the United States?

As a follow up to this presentation, students will create Flipgrid reflections on the presentation.

Tampa Prep's French 3 students on a Zoom with a man from Senegal

Tampa Prep's French 3 class on a zoom call

French 3 Senegal Music