World Languages Upper School Downtown Tampa

Students Order & Enjoy French Cuisine Downtown

Dr. Lainé's French 1 Class has been learning about food, eating habits, and how to order at a café....
Tampa Prep
April 28, 2021
World Languages Life Lessons Upper School

Students learn about the French expression: Métro, Boulot, Dodo

Dr. Lainé's French 3 students have been learning about work and life balance in the francophone...
Tampa Prep
January 26, 2021
World Languages Upper School

Spanish Language Students Videochat with Students in Spain

Mrs. Mary Beth Hill's Spanish Language and Culture class practiced their conversational language...
Tampa Prep
January 07, 2021
World Languages STEM / Virtual Reality Upper School

French Students Travel to International Holiday Festivals

Dr. Lainé's French students learned about holiday celebrations from around the world by safely...
Tampa Prep
December 10, 2020
World Languages Life Lessons Upper School Alumni

Spotlight on World Language and Culture Classes

Throughout the month of November, several upper school World and Classical Language classes hosted...
Tampa Prep
December 03, 2020
World Languages History & Traditions

Tampa Prep staff member from Senegal Speaks to French 3 Class

As part of the French 3 unit about Senegal, Elhadji Toure, Tampa Prep's Network Manager and a...
Tampa Prep
September 08, 2020
World Languages Upper School

French Students experience Midnight in Paris

Last week, students in Dr. Janet Laine’s French 3, French 4, and AP French class was able to "go...
Tampa Prep
January 30, 2020
World Languages Arts

German Sunshine Band Hochrad School Stays and Plays with Tampa Prep

For almost 30 years, Tampa Prep has developed a great relationship with Gymnasium Hochrad, an...
Tampa Prep
January 24, 2020
World Languages Middle School

Carpé Noctum Market at Tampa Prep

Middle School Latin students transformed the Smith Black Box Theater into an ancient Roman market...
Tampa Prep
January 30, 2020
World Languages Upper School

Language and Culture Students Discover the Hidden Secretes of Ybor

Every year since 2007, Ms. MaryBeth Hill takes her Language and Culture students to Ybor for an...
Tampa Prep
February 13, 2020