Changes in COVID-related safety protocols suggested by TPRO resulted in alternative lunch options for students for the 2020-21 school year. This year, the only off-campus delivery service students may use is EVOS. Microwaves are not available to students (to eliminate congregating in lines), and seniors are no longer allowed to leave campus for lunch. Also new this year, students will stay in the classroom they are in at the time lunch begins and eat at their socially-distanced desks . 

As a result, students and parents have had to get creative with new recipes for cold lunches. Below are some suggestions from students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Use a thermos to keep things hot. - Jacob M., Class of ‘21

I like making a mini charcuterie board with cheese, dried fruit, nuts, crackers etc. Super easy prep, and it feels fancy! - Margaret Carraway, History teacher and TP Class of ‘11bento-lunch-box

Sandwiches maybe? Or pasta.. - Lukas M., Class of ‘22

Slice of ham or turkey wrapped around a gherkin or dill pickle (optional: add a slice of cheese).... Yum!!!!! Or layer a soft tortilla, slice of cheese, slice of ham or turkey, roll up around a gherkin or dill pickle, then cut into 1" pieces. - Kristy Steel, Assistant to the Head of the Upper School 

I fry cutlets on Sundays and my son can take them cold throughout the week. I have also bought a pizza on Sunday night to use as an easy grab and go cold lunch. Of course salad in a container with a bag of cooked chicken and a side of dressing. Costco has a great Chicken Caesar salad for $3.99. You can also make a fruit and granola parfait in a to-go soup mug. - Cheryl Leonhardt, Director of College Counseling

Ants on a log, deviled eggs. Pasta salad. My boys also love Hillshire Farm snacking small plate/charcuterie tray with meat cheese and crackers. - Laura Bridges-Pereira, Middle School World Language teacher

Turkey & Cheese Sandwich. Ham & Cheese Sandwich. Peanut Butter Sandwich. Tuna Sandwich. - Kerri-Ann Grosso, Middle School Science teacher

Chicken-Pasta-SaladPasta salads and wraps are some of my favorites! I take the Publix macaroni salad (cheating technically, but so easy!) and doctor it up with Roma tomatoes, English cucumber, purple onion, feta cheese, some Italian seasoning, garlic powder, EVOO, and white balsamic vinegar. I call it Mediterranean macaroni salad. - Chelsea Wieloszynski, English teacher

Packaged salads from Aldi and Publix. - Carter F., Class of ‘23

I love cold "snack" lunches:  cheese, nuts, crackers, dried fruit, chopped up fruit or veggies, hummus, olives, or other dips or spreads. - Sarah Johnson, Academic Support Counselor

I suggest a mason jar salad. There are lots of recipes out there. I like this one because it also explains how to eat them, and how long they last. The benefits are, you can throw in whatever leftovers or whatever you like or have on hand in the fridge. If layered correctly, they can be made in advance and they last 4-5 day in the fridge. When dumped onto a plate, it is a perfectly dressed and mixed salad. - Ki Perry, Director of Developmentmason jar

Deli meat sandwiches (turkey, chicken, roast beef), salads or PB&J. Parents can also put soup or rice in a thermos to keep it warm. For cold lunches, I always put a lot of side snacks too because sometimes just a sandwich and only one side isn’t enough. - Kelly R., Class of ‘22

Sandwiches, salads, veggies and dips, fruit. - Kim Jago, History teacher

Cold pasta salad - so many different things you can do with. Black olives, chicken, and cheddar. I favor the Panera poppy seed dressing. - Donna Fowler, Math teacher

Hummus and carrots, salads, PB&Js (or most sandwiches), and pasta salad! - Kat I., Class of ‘22