On Middle School Terrapin Day all grade levels participated in activities both on and off campus devoted to service learning and community building.

GRADE 6:  Car Wash Supporting St. John’s Learning Center and Rosa Valdez Early Childhood Learning Center
The sixth graders participated in their first Tampa Prep Terrapin Day! Their community service included a car wash during which they collected donations for the Rosa Valdez Early Learning Childhood Center. Three Rosa Valdez students came to help the Terrapins wash cars and greet car wash patrons. Sixth graders washed more than 30 cars and raised more than $700 for the Rosa Valdez Center. 

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GRADE 7:  Rosa Valdez Early Childhood Learning Center
 Seventh grade students spent their Terrapin Day at the Rosa Valdez Early Childhood Learning Center. They helped make the playground area safer by spreading mulch throughout their outdoor activity spaces. They also had the opportunity to interact with the students directly in classrooms and on the playground in various ways. Our students read stories to the kids, played soccer, helped with classroom learning activities, and pushed younger kids on the swings.  Our students made connections with and impacted Rosa Valdez students, and many of them were sad to see us leave. It was a rewarding day for everyone involved. 

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A Brighter Community (ABC)
The project we did for ABC was inspired by collage, textures, and author and artist Eric Carle. Middle school students helped ABC daycare students to create textured paper collages using torn paper, crayon drawings, and stickers. Our middle schoolers also read stories with their groups and ended their visit playing with them on the playground. 











GRADE 8:  Metropolitan Ministries
The "Calandra Calamities" went to Metropolitan Ministries and volunteered in the Thrift Store. The boys helped move boxes of clothing and household items that were not considered useful to the Thrift Store - so they were sent to various moving trucks where they would be sent for money that gets donated back into Met. Min. The girls and Ms. Calandra tagged clothing for the store floor, put the items on racks, and took the racks to the floor. They organized clothing, by style, color, and category. The girls kept an upbeat attitude and moved swiftly, so we accomplished quite a large amount of organizing and tagging. They were fantastic! 

The woman who worked with the boys came back at the end of our allotted time to rave about how helpful they were. She mentioned their great attitude, and how much they were able to accomplish.

We are so proud of the "Calandra Calamities" - not one calamity was had - just incredible, meaningful volunteering!

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GRADE 8:  Feeding Tampa Bay
Mrs. Lonetto's and Mrs. Cayon's eighth grade advising groups spent their Terrapin Day at Feeding Tampa Bay.  According to their website, Feeding Tampa Bay focuses on providing food to the hundreds of thousands of food insecure families in the 10-county area of West Central Florida. The 25 eighth grade students who were there helped to unpack, sort, and organize food donations.  They were part of making 8,211 meals for that day.  

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