Sixth grade students presented their Inside the Human Systems projects on Wednesday, March 4.  The projects were completed in their Science class over several weeks.  The students were responsible for creating a model and a book that represented their assigned system.  The project allowed them to take a deeper look into their own cardiovascular, digestive, skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, nervous systems and more to discover how each impacts them.

Parents and guests who attended the project were assigned a slip of paper with a body system and an ailment or disease and were directed to find the student who studied that system. The student was tasked with determining a solution or cure for the guest based on his or her knowledge of the system.

Joe Fenlon, Associate Head of School and Head of the Middle School said, "I think the most important message to the kids is that they can accomplish something on their own. An even more important message to parents, was that their kids can accomplish something on their own!

6th grade boys share their Body System projects6th grade boys share their Body System projects 

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