Carlton Ward Jr. came to Tampa Prep last Friday to present "Hidden in Plain Sight" to the whole school and to have more intimate conversations with specific groups of students throughout the day.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 8.45.34 AM As a native Floridian and nature photographer, Carlton's continued mission is to inspire appreciation and protection for Florida's wildlife, land use, and ranchers. One of his main projects is the Florida Wildlife Corridor, a natural route for animals to migrate throughout the entire state of Florida as they have for thousands of years.

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Ward met in smaller groups with:

  • The AP Environmental Science class
  • Marine Biology students
  • all seventh graders
  • the Environment club and STEM students,
  • and art students
Students learned more about his presentation and mission, and were allowed to ask any questions they wanted. 

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The questions asked ranged from his personal life, to his career, to his cameras, to his ongoing work with different organizations to raise environmental awareness. Students were in awe of his photographs and inspired by his overall work.

As a result of his visit, we hope the entire school has a better appreciation of Florida's incredible wildlife and an understanding that we all play a part in the conservation efforts required to protect it.  

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