Congratulations to the Quarter 4 Upper School Declamations finalists!

9th Grade

  • Gaby Richter, “Polarization”
  • Adam Burden, “Facing Your Fears”
  • Karis Cosmas, “Childhood Wonder”
  • Gabby Rodgers, "Anti-Heroes"
  • Mahmoud Beirakdar, "Journey"

10th Grade

  • Kiran Saligame, “The 2022 World Cup”
  • Rylee Johnson, "Reaching Out"
  • Summer Haura, "Change"
  • Dayvion Porter, "A Kid's Experience With Gender"
  • Emmy Villanti - “Perceptions”
  • Emma Lefferts - “Do you believe in Ghosts?"

11th Grade

  • Isaiah Chois, "Man in the Mirror"
  • Kelly Rainey, “The Three F’s of Public vs Private Schools”
  • Lindsey Davis, “Only Child Syndrome”
  • Sam Morrin, "Snowmobiling"
  • Hayden Garlick - “Cars is a Fundamentally Broken Franchise”

12th Grade

  • Connor White, “A Song For My Dad”
  • Laila Moursi, “Higher Self”
  • MacKenzie Weiner, “My Declamations” 
  • Sarah Henry, "My Fear of Spiders"
  • Meagen Lukavec, "Why I Would Die First in a Zombie Apocalypse"

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