Adapt. Grow. Reflect. Problem-solve. Move on. 

It should go without saying that nothing seems the same this school year. From administrators to teachers to students, each of us has had to learn, listen, and change with our reality, embracing the struggle that comes with education in a global pandemic. 

The senior 3 Pound Project is no exception. 

Each year, seniors in English 12 Honors are asked to learn something, anything, new outside of the classroom and away from their teachers. From languages to theatrical makeup design, to fly fishing, to sushi rolling, students spend the semester practicing trial and error, learning and developing their skills and ultimately preparing a presentation for the annual 3 Pound Night, where they would show off their projects to friends and family. 

Enter COVID-19. 

A semester is now seven weeks and change, not 15. Students have to remain distanced, which means no 3 Pound Night. How do we move forward? The essence of the 3 Pound Project is “process,” not perfection. And that is exactly what the senior English teachers had to consider when trying to figure out how this project could still happen. We had to adapt, grow, reflect, problem solve, and move on to ensure our students were able to experience this traditional right of passage just as the many other seniors who had come before them were able to. 

Over the past seven weeks, the seniors who had English in Quarter 1 began their projects and documented their process on a blog as it has always been. Without question, there were roadblocks. Some students had to order materials that were ultimately delayed due to limited shipping options. Students who wanted to take a class to facilitate their learning found themselves limited to virtual classes. Even teachers found themselves barely able to get a sense of the growth process their students were experiencing due to the shortened semester. 

Adapt. Grow. Reflect. Problem-solve. Move on. 

We made changes. The end of the first quarter would not be the end of their projects. Instead, it would serve as a halfway point and students would be able to continue with their projects in Quarter 3 when they return to their English classes. Students starting their projects now in Quarter 2 would get the same opportunity when they return in Quarter 4. We utilized Flip Grid and had students make videos about their projects and progress hoping to replace the celebration that comes with 3 Pound Night. It wasn’t what we initially pictured or planned for, but it worked. Now, we get to share students’ hard work with the community. 

Below you will find the link to the first quarter 3 Pound Project Flip Grid videos. Broken up into categories, you will find students’ projects and be able to see the progress they have made so far. They worked on woodworking, jewelry making, code writing, skateboarding, cooking, and more. Take a moment to enjoy their process and growth just as we have.

NOTE: Click VIEW 7 TOPICS at the top to see all categories.

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