Tampa Prep has hosted conversations regarding social media's impact on parenting in the digital age. Here you will find compiled tips for social media use, resources for parents and a recorded presentation. 

Tips For Managing Social Media Use

  1. Turn off all app notifications.
  2. Go grayscale.
  3. Try keeping your home screen to Tools only.
  4. Launch other apps by typing.
  5. Texting shortcut:  use Quick Reactions.
  6. Charge your device outside the bedroom.
  7. Use technology to protect yourself from technology (use time tracker apps).
  8. Set times to go on social media.
  9. Log out of social media apps.
  10. Remove social media from your phone.
  11. Put your phone down.
  12. Call a friend or family member.
  13. During class or at work, don’t keep your phone on your desk.
  14. Reframe the way you think about social media.
  15. Set yourself up for success.
  16. Pay attention to your body.
  17. Get existential about it.

See details about the above tips, and view interesting social media infographic.


Resources for Parents:
NPR's Life Kit Parenting Podcast: Screen Time and Your Family  (Several part series) 

Common Sense Media's "Parents Need to Know" Tab
Janell Hoffman Burley author of iRules (she went viral for her 2013 cell phone contract she wrote for her son) 
Ana Homayoun is the author of Social Media Wellness for Teens
This article in the New York Times is also a good read in terms of our breaking our own bad habits.


PEC Video Recording

The Tampa Prep Parent Education Committee hosted Dr. Marlene Bloom to discuss Parenting in the Age of Social Media 

View a recording of the presentation here