Terrapin Red Robotics Team qualifies for VEX States with Regional Tournament win. 

Terrapin Red 727R led by Carl Bertolino and with team members Alexander Lacy, Johann Vennink, Yammile Barber and Joseph Lechman is going to VEX States. They  won with a decisive Tournament Champion finals score of 35-30 at the Middleton Tower Takeover VEX Regional tournament.

This is the earliest a Tampa Prep team has ever qualified for VEX States. Teams had around 7 weeks to design, build and program a robot from scratch.  All other teams competed well and will continue their advance to VEX States with our League tournament at Tampa Prep on November 9. 
This year's VEX game Tower Takeover involves picking up and stacking 5.5" cubes of 3 different colors as high as a robot can in the goal zones.  Additional points are awarded for the same color cubes placed into 7 buckets of different heights which adds a huge strategic and mathematical element to the game this year.
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2019 Middleton Tournament Champions