Students in Chemistry are into the second week of their Naked Eggs experiment. Last week students saw what white vinegar and tap water can do to an egg.

eggAt the end of the week, the white vinegar had completely dissolved the eggshell, leaving a "naked egg". The egg left in the tap water all week was completely unchanged.

This week, students are working in groups to try to find another common household liquid that will also dissolve the shell. Each group is testing three different common household liquids. After each group researches the common household liquids, they will use their experimental data to determine which chemical property allows the liquid to dissolve the eggshell.

Each group will keep a lab notebook and present their findings to the class.

girl team egg boy team egg


Results: This group left an egg in grape juice for five days. While only a little of the shell was dissolved, the grape juice stained it a deep purple-almost black.