Middle School students--in advising group teams--have been discovering Tampa's downtown waterfront parks through a scavenger hunt challenge. These hunts are part of a larger all-middle school project centered around parks (the details of which have not been released to students yet--so mysterious!).

Their first hunt took place adjacent to the school at Julian B Lane Park, with the second at Curtis Hixon. The final scavenger hunt took place at Waterworks park next to Ulele Spring. For the final hunt, students took their lunch with them and enjoyed a picnic at the park. We love our downtown location!

See the sample instructions below for the students' final scavenger hunt:

You have explored two parks in Tampa's riverfront and now you will see the final park for our final scavenger hunt before the next steps in this experience. Waterworks park was built in conjunction with an effort to revitalize the Ulele spring. Pay close attention to similarities you see between this park and others that you have explored. What makes each park different but part of a whole riverfront park collection? Stay together and collect photo evidence.

Scav Hunt1 Scav Hunt2


  • Make it from Tampa Prep to Waterworks in under 18 minutes, but in more than 12 minutes, and get a thumbs-up photo with a teacher.
  • This riverfront park was built at the same time they began to revitalize the Ulele Spring. What problem was affecting the spring?
  • There is a concert pavilion that was sponsored by a local club. Which club and how do you know?
  • Besides grass and sidewalks, what other natural eco-friendly path material is found at the park?
  • The waterfront of the park has a boat dock and another type of dock. What is the second dock for?
  • Nine (9) different species are identified as having benefited from the restoration of the spring. Name 5 of these animals.
  • This park has a splash pad and a playground to serve the families of Tampa Bay. How is Tampa Bay's nautical culture honored in the playground? (DON'T GO IN)

Scav Hunt vert