Garda Collison, Tampa Prep Parent

Garda Collison, Tampa Prep Parent
I was born in Australia. Met my husband, John, in Sinai, Egypt on a deployment with the Multi National Forces and Observers (MFO) in 1997. I moved to the USA in December of 1999 to marry him and went from Army Officer to Army spouse. Our sons--both now at Tampa Prep, Classes of 2019 and 2021--were born on different military bases. Between marriage and now, I have worked as a substitute teacher at all levels, and have taught music, art, preschool and play classes with Gymboree, as well as managed one of their sites. We have been at Tampa Prep since 2012, and of all the decisions I have ever made in my life, Tampa Prep is one of the best. The college acceptances, my children's happiness and their confidence in themselves as people completely validates the money we have spent on their education. As I follow my older son's final months at Tampa Prep, I know that he is more than ready to move on to the next stage of his life, and for this I credit Tampa Prep.

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