i_love_math_classic_round_stickerIn my 40 or so years of teaching at Tampa Prep, I have heard a lot of students say, "Math is so hard." I want to give everyone a reason (or 20) to love math again.

So here we go . . . Math is powerful. You tell me where you are all the time, and I can tell how fast you are going, what direction you are headed, whether you are accelerating and how much! Yep, math is powerful! Here are just a few of the ways off the top of my head: 

  • It has been said, “if you don’t tell your money where to go, you’ll wonder where it went.” Gotta watch those numbers! Money and math are inseparable. 
  • Our grades are measured by numbers, and so is our blood pressure and weight.
  • Sports use math! When your team has the right number, you get excited.
  • You have a social security what? Number!
  • You were born on December “purple”? Nope! December 18th, a number. Oh my, there it is again.
  • How long should that turkey be in the oven? NO! Not another number!
  • The number in the rectangular box on the side of the road is not a math decoration.
  • Classes start at sunrise? No, too vague! Let’s say 8:50 AM. 
  • Your doctor’s appointment should be sometime in January. Too vague? How about Jan 17, in the afternoon? My time is valuable. How about Jan 17 at 2:45 pm?
  • We didn’t land on the moon accidentally. Math did it!
  • Why don’t all the planes converge on the same airport? Math!
  • You know that cute little GPS that got you to your destination? Yep, math!
  • Computer models for hurricanes? Math!
  • You know the patriot missile that knocks enemy missiles from the sky? Math!
  • How about your paycheck for the job you did? Math!
  • You know how your favorite cookie was made? Math!
  • Our school is 45 this year! 45 is more exciting than 2.
  • A $400 fine is more depressing than a $50 fine. 
Math has meaning! There are 691 students at Prep this year! Behind that meaningful number are meaningful people! Why? The Prep families chose this meaningful place at 727 West Cass Street. Gotta love math! Isn’t that why we are #1? ;)