Forty-five students represented Tampa Prep at the 70th annual Florida State Latin Forum at the Wyndham International in Orlando. There were 48 schools participating, and over 1200 students present.

Unlike previous years, this year the Upper and Middle Divisions were separated into two delegations meaning Tampa Prep had a Junior delegation (27 students in grades 6- 8) and Senior delegation (18 students in grades 9 - 12).

Competitions ranged from a school spirit contest to advanced Latin prose and poetry. Our delegation mastered a menagerie of creative and academic topics. They also exhibited their physical prowess in various Olympic events.

Junior Division Sweepstakes came in third place in creatives and seventh overall. Tampa Prep Standard came in sixth place in Legio VI Victrix division. The following students placed this year:

7th Grade 

  • Katarina G.'24: 10th in Customs and 7th in Maps
  • Riley M.'24: 10th in Game Creations
  • Jaxson R. '24: 1st in Audio/Visual (A Tasting of Roman Delicacies with Gordus Ramus)

8th Grade

  • Gracie B.'23: 9th in Hellenic History
  • Isabella B. '23: 7th in Dramatic Interpretation Female I (Aeneas and the Sibyl)
  • Audrey D.'23: 9th in Miscellaneous (Etching of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon) Zachary F. '23: 10th in Hellenic History
  • Judah F. '23: 8th in Hellenic History
  • Isidore G.'23: 6th in Hellenic History and 3rd in Textiles (Felt Helmet Reconstruction)
  • Miller K. '23: 2nd in Drawings (Nymph in a Spring) and 8th in Shuttle Run Male
  • Aidan L. '23: 6th in Latin Derivatives, 4th in Models (Corvus) and 7th in Mystery Test (Ice)
  • Tyler R.'23: 9th in Classical Geography
  • John S.'23: 2nd in Hellenic History
  • Luke T.'23 : 4th in Miscellaneous (Centurion Helmet, 1st Century)
  • Alyssa W. '23: 10th in Latin Derivatives

9th Grade

  • Joe L.'22: 2nd in Open Certamen, 8th in Classical Geography Level 2 and Hellenic History
  • Tyler O. '22: 7th in Miscellaneous (Cera Tabula et Stylus)
  • Jack S. '22: 5th in Greek Derivatives and Miscellaneous (Khopesh)

10th Grade

  • Ryan C.'21: 1st in Male Costumes (Ianus)
  • Ryan K.'21: 7th in Grammar 2
  • Daniel M.'21: 6th in Models (Heraion of Samos)
  • 11th Grade
  • Maria T.'20 : 1st in Textiles (Ullus dies)

12th Grade

  • Chase R. '19 : 7th in Dramatic Interpretation Poetry Male Advanced (Narcissus' Lament), 3rd in Shuttle Run Senior Division and 1st in Mystery Test (Ice)
  • Zachary W. '19: 7th in Advanced Grammar