Students in Honors Chemistry are exploring a brand new curriculum this year at Tampa Prep.  The study of chemistry can take many forms and Mr. Segesdy and Mrs. Emrich are looking forward to sharing this diversity with students this year.
The course focuses on 5 big questions and will use the study of chemistry to help answer each one. This approach mirrors the process scientists go through when exploring novel ideas. Through this process, students will learn the basic concepts of chemistry in a way that has relevance and application to their everyday lives. Students are beginning the year in a unit titled, "The Search For Life", and are exploring the possibility of life beyond Earth and using chemistry to dig deeper.
Water plays a central role in supporting life here on Earth and students are exploring why in their most recent lab. Water has some unique and important properties, and this lab was designed to allow students to discover them through 6 stations:
  1. Surface Tension
  2. Weather Data
  3. Photosynthesis and Aquatic Plants
  4. Static Electricity and Water
  5. Solubility
  6. Electrical Conductivity
Do you think life exists beyond Earth?  What do you think it would look like and what might it be made up of?

Station 1 Surface Tension





Station 6 Electrical Conductivity