Freshman in our Transitions course are earning their CPR/First Aid certification this quarter with the help of Tampa Prep Athletic Trainers Sara Wagner and Andrew Sufficool. According to the American Healthcare Academy, 70% of “out of hospital” cardiac arrest emergencies occur at home. CPR and First Aid certification prepares students for the unexpected and gives them the confidence to respond in an emergency situation and to potentially save someone’s life. 

“We teach students to stay calm and focused in a stressful situation,” says Sufficool. He said students initially knew nothing or very little about performing CPR, but after a few days of small-group training, “they’re performing like mini-EMTs.”

First Aid

Wagner believes that these lessons apply to high school because "with practice, focus and determination, they can accomplish and learn anything.”

When asked what he enjoyed most about earning his CPR and First Aid certification, freshman Jacob Ahmed replied, “It’s cool to know you might be able to help someone who is in trouble.”