Tampa Prep Medical Explorers Club continues its partnership with Tampa General Hospital with a week of activities. 

The club kicked off the week by hosting Ms. Kim Atrubin, Manager of Infection Prevention at TGH, on Tuesday. She talked to the students about the role and function of infection prevention, who is on the team, including physicians and nurses and the future of infection prevention in a very hands-on presentation.                   

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Students tried on the different personal protective gear that Ms. Atrubin brought with her including gloves, gowns and different kinds of face masks. She made students aware of the importance of proper sanitation and its role in the hospital setting. 

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On Thursday a select group of club members took a field trip to Tampa General Hospital for a Day of Learning. In the morning, all of the students gathered into a room where the Aeromed Team at Tampa General presented. An aeromed nurse talked to the students about her career path, what her job encompasses and what her daily schedule looked like.

After having their questions answered, the students were split into two groups. Each group moved on to a simulation; one group went through the orthopedic division following a patient with an L femur fracture, grade 3 tib/fib fracture, multiple L rib fractures, and a few more injuries, while the other group went through the neurology division following a stroke patient.

The group following the orthopedic patient started in the Trauma Bay where they practiced bleeding control (how to pack a wound, apply direct pressure, and put on tourniquets) and splinting (how to shape and apply a splint and how to apply a hare traction splint). 


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They then moved into the Surgical Trauma ICU where they learned how to take a patient's vitals. Next the group moved to the Ortho Trauma Unit where they learned about what patients go through following a surgery--the physical and mental recovery following accidents. Next the students went to see the CareComm where the hospital can track and predict their number of patients and beds available. 

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To end the day, the group split into two for a race. Students had to take blood pressure, pack a wound and apply a tourniquet, and splint an arm.

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The group following the neurology patient started outside on the helipad where they learned about the procedure for dealing with incoming calls, or “rescue missions” from the flight team.


Next they moved into the trauma bay where they learned what the procedure is for STEMI patients. Students learned how to put in an IV, how to apply an EKG, and how to take vitals. In the Cath Lab they learned about all of the equipment. The neurology group ended the day with a race as well, but theirs tested a different set of skills. They had to take a patient's temperature, apply an EKG, and perform CPR.

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To end the week, a group of Medical Explorers club members delivered the collections from the recent gift drive to patients at TGH. The School collected a large number of items including fuzzy socks, throw blankets and coloring books for cancer patients. The Medical Explorers Club had a very exciting week!