Tampa Prep students are presenting quarter-end projects in classes all week. Mr. KK Quah’s Principles of Engineering students have been designing wooden bridges and conducting stress analyses on them using Autodesk Inventor Pro software. Their final project culminates in the building of those wooden bridges to be placed on a test bench and center-loaded with weights until it breaks down. The ratio of the highest weight it can withstand divided by the weight of the bridge is calculated as the “efficiency” of the bridge. Historically, students have attained an efficiency ratio as high as 860. 

Alex L. '22 has enjoyed testing everything and working through different concepts to see which design would work the best.

Layalie A.’s '22 favorite part of this final project has been the physical building of the bridge. 

Mr. Quah said, "This is as much about craftsmanship as it is about the truss you built and the analysis you [conducted.]"