Sixth grade students' iPads tagged with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

Tampa Prep's Technology department has come up with a solution for a common middle school problem:  misplaced Apple products. The solution for helping to identify the owner of iPads and Apple Pencils that are sometimes left in a classroom was to create Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags encoded with student names. These tags are now placed on the cover of each student's iPad. Now, when an iPad with an RFID tag is found and brought to the front desk, an RFID reader will reveal the name of the owner.

The RFID tags are nothing more than a simple piece of cardboard cut into a circle, embedded with a sophisticated circuit that will only activate when it is near a reader. It's important to note that the activation only occurs at a distance of about 0.5", so it is not and cannot be used for tracking students. However, it will be extremely useful in determining the owner of an iPad when one is found.

Though this does not mean that students should be less careful with their iPads, it does provide the Tampa Prep community with a way to find the owner of the device quickly.

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